Do Your Best at your Upcoming Audition

It’s essential to showcase YOU at your very best on the day of your AUDITION.  Wouldn’t you agree? women black leotard

What you wear on the day of your audition should be the LAST thing you need to worry about.

HELP those who have the power to cast and hire you see the real YOU….NOT what you’re wearing.

Ensure you feel CONFIDENT and PREPARED to perform your best at every audition…

Simply put, always have your clothes WORK FOR YOU!

How can something you wear be both understated and stylish?

  1. CHOOSE something Traditional, like a standard Black Leotard
  2. SELECT the Leotard that will make a great FIRST and LASTING IMPRESSION
  3. THINK of the your Leotard as your SECOND SKIN
  4. FEEL COMFORTABLE in the skin you’re in

Have your LITTLE BLACK LEOTARD have one or two detailed embellishments that best reflect your personality like…

  • criss cross spahetti straps
  • a turtleneck longsleeve
  • sleeveless or backless
  • mesh cut out
  • lace back or lace sleeves
  • tasteful faux leather
  • any elegant COMBINATION thereof…..and of course….
  • there’s always the original CLASSIC 

DANCE Magazine asked artistic directors and casting directors for the real scoop…here’s what they had to say about your audition attire:

audition ready black leotard dancewear

In a room full of bodies, you want to be remembered. Colors are rampant at our auditions, so black is actually one of the rarest colors. White will also help you stand out. It shows that you’re brave, aware of your body. Your dancing will always win out, as long as you show it.

—Stanton Welch, artistic director of Houston Ballet  

Err on the side of simplicity: neutral tones, close-fitting attire—maybe a leotard with tights. And remember: We’re a classical company…

—Janet Eilber, artistic director of Martha Graham Dance Company

The biggest faux pas that I constantly see are women wearing drop-crotch pants, baggy flannel shirts tied around waists and too many accessories.  Instead, dancers should wear form-fitting clothing that shows their lines and that they are in shape.  Even at a hip-hop audition…

—Steve Chetelat, agent with Bloc LA


Procure Your Elegantly Designed Little Black Leotard Today

And as it’s almost always better to have TWO of something you love, rather than picking up just one leotard today, why not choose TWO that appeal to you?

Scoop Neck CLASSIC Long Sleeve


womens black leotard audition dancewear dance clothes

Sweetheart with NUDE MESH SLEEVES to Elbow


womens black leotard audition dancewear dance clothes

Capezio TURTLENECK Long Sleeve

women black leotard dance wear dance clothes audition

MESH Cut-Outs with 3/4 Sleeves


womens leotard audition dance wear dance clothes

10 Multi Strap Back ELLIPSE

womens black leotard audition dancewear dance clothes


womens black leotard dancewear dance clothes


womens leotard dancewear audition dance clothes

LACE back with WIDE CRISS-CROSS Straps

womens leotard dancewear dance clothes audition

Open Back V-Neck with LACE SLEEVES


FINALIZE YOUR PURCHASE by Selecting Your Leotard Above